Want to achieve financial freedom? Do these things!

  1. Start your own business. There is no doubt, working in someone’s company won’t give you financial freedom.

Bad sides of working in someone’s else company are:

  1. Your paychecks are taxed 60% every month and rest you pay in tax of products
  2. You have to be punctual every time
  3. You can’t skip a day at work — only holidays and some free days
  4. Ton of work to do — if not you are fired or earn less
  5. You are hurt physically or mental (or both) in time
  6. It depends how much you earn, what and where you work — that standard of living you get

Good sides? You don’t need to worry about cashflow of company.

Already want to change? Follow this:

Good sides of owning business are:

  1. You are the boss. Nobody will tell you how you do the things. It’s your business.
  2. You manage your worktime. When you earn more, you can pass more of your work to other people you employ.
  3. Staying up late? Someday you will without consequences. Some free days? No problem someday.
  4. You pay yourself first. Taxes later. You can manage to earn more and taxes won’t hurt.
  5. Many costs you can pass on invoice and pay lower taxes or even zero tax — learn from Amazon.

Bad sides of running company:

  1. You are the boss. So you worry about cashflow and taxes.
  2. You can’t be lazy but you get rewarded more than employers.
  3. You manage your worktime. If you do it bad, it will hit you with ricochet.
  4. Your company is probably not only in branch.

Be aware that some conditions and background of countries and cities may be different. Not everything will be adequate for everyone.

  1. Do some passive income.
    By passive income I mean:
  • buying stocks for long term, also with dividend (that gives you income for holding stocks)
  • buying gold, silver
  • buying real estates for renting
  • buying real estates for selling in future or fast by flipping
  • doing web content such us social media (youtube is top but also instagram, recently facebook videos, steemit)
  • writing books
  • doing content with copyright — photos, videos, fonts, graphics, copywriting etc…
  • trading on forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks
  • selling webpages for companies and template of webpages (some coding skills required, but it is not impossible as you think)
  • affiliate marketing
  • many more I didn’t mention because it is so many…

And remember, when you work somewhereyou sell your time and focus to someone’s, building his/her business and wealth. When you pass it for doing for your own, you can do more and more. I highly recommend the book that changed my perspective of living. “Rich dad poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki literally blown my mind, the way of thinking and behaving. You can buy the book from link below:



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